a delightful app for managing your bookmarks

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A delightful app for managing your bookmarks
pinner is a fast, no-nonsense iPhone and iPad app for pinboard.

1. Get your bookmarks, anywhere.

pinner syncs your bookmarks to your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy reading them from the comfort of your device with this simple and easy to use app. Don't have a pinboard account? Browse the recent and popular lists for interesting articles curated by the community.

2. One app, on all your devices.

pinner is a universal app available on iPhone and iPad. Optimised for Retina displays, iPad mini, and iPhone 5 - pinner is the only app you need.

3. Feature filled.

pinner has a delightful interface - but more than that, gives you all the functionality of pinboard in your hand. View, edit, delete and create new bookmarks. Browse recent and popular bookmarks from other users. Share with your friends.


Use, Pocket or Instapaper? Give pinner & a try! It's flexible enough to be used to archive all your bookmarks forever, or just used as a read later list!


pinner needs a account for online syncing functionality, but can be used without sign up.

App submitted Mon 28 Jan '13

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