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Have you ever been stressed making a big decision that affects your finances? Perhaps you aren't sure how to make changes today that will help you to achieve your future plans (like that vacation you've dreamed of, or having children, the perfect wedding or buying a home).

Planwise is a really simple, free app that lets you see how your future financial situation will change based on what you're doing today and what you have planned tomorrow

We can help you understand the impact of all the major life plans including
- taking vacations
- buying houses/cars
- changes to your income (raises or leaving your job!)
- changes to spending
- reducing debt
- major purchases

You can easily put in your current finances, what you earn, spend and the debts you have. Then add in any plans you have, at their planned future date. You aren't limited to one plan either, you can have all your plans in the one place and see how any combination of any of these plans looks.

It's like a crystal ball for your finances, requires no personal data, has no advertising .. and is completely free.

It also works in any country!

App submitted Fri 25 Jan '13

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