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There’s no question smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. Not only can we more easily connect with our friends, families and loved ones, the mobile apps we download provide hours of entertainment and help bring some amazing products and services right to our fingertips.

Some of these apps even have the ability to bridge the old with the new, something the PressReader application has done incredibly well. For those not familiar with the app, it’s a traveller’s dream with over 2,200 newspapers and magazines from 96 countries available.

App submitted Tue 21 Aug '12

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Read over 2,000 global newspapers from cover to cover

Review posted Tue 21 Aug '12

The way we get our news has changed dramatically over the last few years and it's likely to be only the beginning. Ten years ago most of us would have had the daily paper delivered to the door or would ... Read more