Price Comp

Competition and Price Monitor
Monitor & Analyse your Competitor's Prices Live ! Price Comp is by far the most complete software for monitoring your competitors prices and analysing them in up to -90% time and effort,raise your margin with accurate data. Detailed Excel Reports like the one on the right are given 24/7. You name the recipients, and every morning you recieve in your email inbox a totaly structured report in excel form that informs you of every product's competitor, their prices, and who is cheaper. Colour variations make its reading a "price" of cake as you are aware only with a look , on which products you should pay attention. The most important feature, is the Clever Column, as if the system sees that you are the cheapest but with a great gap from the next competitor, it gives you a price suggestion that will keep you on the first potition but with bigger sales margin.
App submitted Wed 16 Jan '13

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