The first social network to share prices !!

Because the same product can be cheaper in another country, PriceitBuy (PIB) is an individual to individual community, the PIBers who identify, compare prices and change their buying habits.

Who didn’t wish to find the best gift at the best price? Meanwhile buying the goods abroad can save up to 45% over the local price.

Thanks to the Pibers community 2013 will be placed under the sign of year for sharing and mutual support among the individuals for savings.

Now in a few clicks it’s possible to know where the best price for a product in the world is and have it picked up for you by the Pibers community. PriceItBuy allows you to search for prices and users on the maps, to follow the products and be informed when the best price is found, recommend prices or Pibers, follow the Pibers, communicate with them and invite your Facebook friends.

Why become Piber?

For savings thanks to your network: when the Piber is looking for a good or service, all he needs is to take a picture of it, fill in the price and share the information. Then the Piber gets immediately the cheapest price currently available. In addition, the Pibers community and his Facebook friends are informed and can help him to find the best price. The Piber can then contact them so they can pick it up for him and ship the before-mentioned good.

To be active in a community that transforms the purchasing behavior
Having their smartphones, all Pibers can benefit from this collective intelligence. Users fill the prices of goods or services they wish to buy, 95% of them are not available online yet.

With PriceItBuy, they can compare the prices and change their buying habits. They can now skirt the pricing policies of brands aiming to sell their products more expensive in some countries.
PriceitBuy is available for IOS and Android.

App submitted Tue 29 Jan '13

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