Print a Calendar

When all you want is to print a calendar right now.

Print a Calendar was designed with one goal in mind to print a calendar right now. It is a single function application, it's design to get you in and out fast. Sometimes you just need a calendar as a quick reference for planning. Several sites offer calendars but you usually have to through several different options. Many of them require you download something, then you have to open what you downloaded, assuming you have an application that can open them. With Print-a-Calendar you just to to select the month and click print. Select, print, done. And it's free - so there :)

App submitted Sun 25 Dec '11

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Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12

I could go into raptures over the multitude of things that Print a Calendar does but I won't. I could say that it does somersaults and can cook dinner at the same time but I won't either. I could even ... Read more