Print Master (Print Documents, Photos, Web Pages from your iPhone or iPad)

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This app lets you wirelessly print documents, web pages and photos from your iPhone or iPad to any Apple Airprint compatible printer in your WiFi network. * View read and display PDF, Office, image or text files. * Easily transfer & store files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad for offline reading or printing later. ******************* SUPPORTED PRINTERS: ******************* Before purchasing the app, Please verify that your printer is compatible with Airprint feature. Following is a list of AirPrint enabled printers supported by iPhone/iPad. FEATURES: ========= PRINTING AND PDF CONVERSION =========================== * Print to Any Apple AirPrint printer in your wifi network. * Scan Documents and convert to PDF (included in the app without any additional purchase) * Print from other Apps using the 'Open in' functionality USB DISK DRIVE ============== * The app lets you use your iphone/iPad as a USB drive. * You can download documents from your computer to this app through iTunes WIRELESS DISK DRIVE =================== * The app lets you use your iPhone/ipad as a wifi drive through which you can easily transfer files from your computer to your iphone/ipad wirelessly * Download documents and files on your iPhone or iPad and carry it with you to read or print later WEB DOWNLOADER ============== * An easy to use web browser through which you can browse web pages and print directly to any Air Print printer in your wifi network. * download files from the web and store it on your iphone/ipad or print it. DOCUMENT AND PDF VIEWER ======================= * View, read & print large PDFs, Office and other files * Convert files/docs/web pages to PDF (NO additional in-app required. Everything inlcuded in the base price) EMAIL ATTACHMENT ================ * Print email & attachments using the 'Open-in' functionality. * Save file attachments from your email program to the app and then print it WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER SUPPORT ========================== * Free 24/7 customer support available via email * Send an email to to get any help in using the app or setting up your printer
App submitted Wed 17 Jul '13

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