The Perfect Market for Professionals

ProfectMarket is a new, better way for businesses and individuals looking to hire the best professional (such as a lawyer, doctor, engineer, web developer, accountant, or other business or technical expert). ProfectMarket relies on the wisdom of the crowd, using third-party recommenders to help prospective clients find the best professionals. Accurate and useful recommenders will be rewarded by the system and inaccurate recommenders penalized, so that the collective wisdom of the crowd will enable the client to choose the best professional(s).

Thus, ProfectMarket will truly be a perfect market, in the economic sense, for professional services. A vibrant, open marketplace for professional services is envisioned, where the best performing professionals will be rewarded for their exceptional performance. ProfectMarket developed this unique approach in order to solve the problem that has plagued the buying and selling of services, rather than goods, online - most of this problem arises from the fact that services are not fungible and that the level of service varies dramatically depending both on the skill level of the professional and the match between a particular project's specifications and a professional's exact expertise.

ProfectMarket just launched as a fully-functional public beta for professional services in the U.S. Exceptional professionals are encouraged to sign up and create a professional profile and businesses and individuals in need of professional services are encourage to create projects. In addition, anybody that has ever hired a skilled professional is encouraged to let the professional know about ProfectMarket and will also then be able to recommend that professional for projects on the marketplace.

ProfectMarket is not intended to be a website for those looking for a permanent job. Instead, ProfectMarket is used by partners and other principals in firms and businesses, as well as independent professionals, to find work on projects with clients.

ProfectMarket is 100% free for all users. ProfectMarket does not charge any fees or commissions. In addition, ProfectMarket does not rent or sell any information to third parties.

Come join the Perfect Market for Professionals!

App submitted Sat 22 Mar '14

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