Do what you say or else you will pay!

PromiseUP is a mobile application for iPhone, which gives one an opportunity to bet one’s friends to keep their promises to you or dare them to fun and cool activities, giving them PromiseUP dollars if they keep the promises they make, and making them pay if they break the promises they make.

Additionally, you can promise something to yourself and then to keep track of their kept, and broken promises.

Do what you say or else you will pay!

We believe, that three simple things can make any man absolutely happy about his existence: never-ending moving forward, honesty and joy.
That’s why we created an application, that’s helping everyone to move his or her live at one’s ease.

App submitted Fri 25 Jan '13

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Review posted Tue 29 Jan '13

While an app like PromiseUP is basically a bit of fun, there is also an element of philanthropic betterment about it too. It's said that the world would be a better place if people actually stuck to the things they ... Read more