The power to locate is yours is a commercial real estate search engine that was developed to give landlords the ability to access pre-qualified tenants and tenants the ability to submit an electronic LOI (Letter of Intent) directly through the website.

The PropertyLinc team spent two years conducting market analysis and performing due diligence within the Commercial Real Estate sector. They came to the conclusion that superior listing technology backed by the expertise and 24/7 customer service that commercial landlords and tenants have come to expect.

Tenants can browse thousands of properties just by joining the site (free of charge). In today’s real estate market, timing is everything. wants to shorten this timeframe, allowing a tenant to find the perfect space for their business within weeks using the most efficient and professional approach possible. With nearly 20 years experience in commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Investment Trusts, International and Domestic Banking, our company founder has positioned the company to be the number one commercial real estate search and qualifying engine in the nation.

App submitted Mon 20 Jun '11

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