Publishers: Make money without ads. Businesses: Drive quality traffic for life.

Why Publishedin

Publishedin is going to change the way publishers monetize their content and businesses market their products and services.

Today, businesses are paying billions to google for referring users to their websites (through Adwords pay per click program), while paying nothing to publishers who refer their readers to them. And it is even worse because publishers’ content is much better than advertising, not to take into account the SEO benefits.

We believe that passionate publisher writing about a business is a real asset and thus should be rewarded. We also believe that building relationships with publishers, bloggers and advocates who influence the purchasing decisions of your customers is a key to business success.

What we do

Publishedin helps Businesses and Publishers connect and benefit each other. Our patent-pending technology makes it simple for businesses to increase quality traffic from online publishers, and publishers to earn cash rewards from their online content.

How does it work?

Publishers continue write and link to products and services as they normally do. When visitors click a link, Publishedin reports a referral to businesses. Businesses reward publishers through Publishedin Reward-Per-Click program.

Businesses get connected automatically to all publishers who have link to them. Businesses can start Reward-Per-Click program, promote their business, increase quality traffic and acquire new customers.

App submitted Wed 23 Feb '11

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