Quiz Poker

Combination of trivia QUIZ and video POKER

Combination of trivia Quiz and video Poker. One of the most unique apps in the app store. Play well known video Poker but each card contains a trivia question. in order to win you must have a winning hand AND answer the questions correctly.
▲ Video Poker
▲ Trivia Questions
▲ 13 starting categories including:
(Animals,Art, Books and Literature, Cinema, Fashion,Geography, Health, History, Oceans, Science, Sports, World Cuisine, United States)
More categories available and adding constantly
∞ Unlimited categories adding constantly.

Imagine playing video poker while feeling like you are in the set of "Who wants to be a Millionaire". The game is created in a way that makes users to learn the quiz questions even if they don't know the answers. In-game statistics show how much do players know about certain categories and how much they need to learn to finish them.
Just give it a try for a minute not more, You will understand the greatness and fun that is Quiz Poker.

App submitted Mon 7 Apr '14

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