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What is Real Estate Apps?

Based in Toronto, Real Estate Apps is a proven and effective web application designed to provide Realtors with the competitive edge they require to maintain and develop new business opportunities. Real Estate Apps provides Realtors with a custom property website for each of their listings.

A Single Property Website utilizes the property address as the domain name. For example, by simply going to your clients will be connected to a custom website for this specific property, 123 Main Street. Potential clients will have access to a wide array of customized features that promote the property utilizing photos, virtual tour, feature sheets, mortgage information, and neighbourhood maps to name a few. As the Listing Agent you now have a very impressive marketing tool that will win you more listings!

By simply creating an account at you will be able to access professional templates to create your custom single property website. You may upload photos, videos, feature sheets, floor plans, property survey, etc. to impress your vendors and attract buyers to your customized service. This service works for you behind the scene as well by providing you with lead capture capability and management for follow up with potential buyers and sellers.

Templates are professionally designed for you at Real Estate Apps (Ex.,, They are customized to reflect your own individuality and personal branding. Best of all, they are simple to use! Simply go to and create an account. For each of your listings, sign into your account, enter the property information, upload photos and virtual tour, choose a template and submit, or send us an email to [email protected] and we will do the work for you!

You now have the ability to create custom websites for each of your listings! Real Estate Apps will provide you with demo websites for you to impress your vendors with at Listing Presentations and lead capture management tools for ongoing follow up and promotion.

Get the competitive edge over the competition! For only $69.95 per listing you can now potentially offer your clients personalized marketing of their home on the web and promote yourself as a leading-edge Realtor using the technology of the 21st Century!

App submitted Sun 21 Nov '10

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