Make every order a recurring order

Make Life Easy. Recurify Your Shopping! Recurify makes every order a recurring order. Any product, any webshop, always recurring. Never be out of your essential and most favorite products. Schedule your orders with Recurify and we make sure you get your orders in on time. You are in control: twice a year, monthly, weekly. No problem. Don’t be surprised by an empty box. But also: no surprise deliveries or charges. We alert you 3 days before your order so you can make last minute changes or cancel / reschedule if you still have enough.

App submitted Sun 1 Dec '13

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Never run out of the important things ever again

Review posted Wed 4 Dec '13

When you've found a product on the internet that you love and want to have in your life on a regular basis how do you handle it? Are you organized enough to see when stocks are getting a bit low ... Read more