Money management for the rest of us

RedMica is the next generation personal financial guidance application. It was designed to serve the rest of us who don’t have access to expensive financial advisor but have little time to devote managing money and doing projections. It has an stunningly beautiful user interface for browser and mobile users which provides an always-with-you adviser that has powerful analytics to track household income & expenses, and give you personalized, holistic view of your finances. It provides real-time, forward looking, personalized financial guidance based on the your profile, income, spending patterns and preferences, tailored to the your level of sophistication and encouraging what-if analysis to avoid bad decisions.

You can now track your balances and investment value more easily. You can view on your smartphone or from your web browser, and access to-the-minute updates and spending history. In addition to checking your balances, you can find out how much you can spend safely, even if you’ve got payments waiting to clear and commitments in the near future that can’t be missed.

You can now be on top your budget, spending, savings goal anywhere you can access your phone. If you’ve ever had tough time sticking to a budget, or even having the patience to sit down and draw up a budget you will appreciate how RedMica helps you adhere to a spending plan, helps you get back on track painlessly when you slip up, and helps you understand the impact of your spending before the money leaves your wallet

Our system will watch out for projected financial issues and warn you before they happen. You get personalized, timely, and relevant financial guidance and alerts so you can be on your path to financial independence. See the impact of financial decisions before you make it.

If you share some of your financial life with others, and you’re looking for a cleaner way, RedMica helps you monitor shared accounts and credit cards and set savings goals or debt pay-off goals for multiple people to achieve together. Then monitor your shared progress towards achieving those goals.

Please visit our website and be invited to be part of an exclusive beta program.


App submitted Sat 15 Dec '12

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Next generation money management for the financially challenged

Review posted Sun 16 Dec '12

As much as anything else, RedMica is kind of like intervention for the financially damaged. This cloud-based financial application is aimed at giving the more 'money challenged' of us the same opportunities for sound financial advice as the big guys ... Read more