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Resource Guru is the fast, simple way to schedule, people, equipment and other resources online. It helps companies become more efficient and more profitable.

As a web-based app, customers can get up and running in less than 30 seconds and pricing plans start from only $19 per month. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at

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- Get team visibility on one clever calendar - quickly see what projects and clients resources are booked on.

- Personal dashboards - resources are always bang up to date and there's no need to send out hundreds of emails which quickly go out of date.

- See the big picture - who's busy? Who's available? Our unique "availability bar" helps you with capacity planning.

- Custom fields - create custom fields (eg 'Skills', 'Department', 'Location' etc) and use them to filter resources in the calendar.

- Powerful reports deliver new insights - monitor utilization rates and and gain valuable new insights into your business.

- Advanced clash management - bookings can be added to a waiting list and used for capacity planning later, leaving users to get on with their busy day. It’s getting a great response from the creative agency world and beyond.

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App submitted Tue 9 Oct '12

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