Retina Wallpapers iPhone 5 Edition

Minimalist Wallpapers for the Art lover in you!

Promo code (Retina Wallpapers iPhone 5 Edition): PXJ6P974WRT7

These wallpapers were made by artist from scratch and were tasked with one goal, to create awesome looking wallpapers that would harmonize with the beauty and design the iPhone is known for. All wallpapers are based on this philosophy. Most wallpapers are digital works of art and are best viewed using a Retina style screen, but still look unreal on standard resolutions! iPhone 5 Retina Wallpapers – Wallpapers created specifically for the new Retina iPhone 5 screen. One of only a handful of apps who’s artist entire intention was to create great looking, minimalist type wallpapers to be used with the Retina screen! Wallpapers will auto-resize for other iPhone/iPod models as well!
App submitted Wed 10 Oct '12

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