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While finding a lawyer online may be easy, finding the right lawyer, with the right expertise, and within a budget is hard. RFPattorney.com is a cloud platform that proves it doesn’t have to be. Despite the emergence of do-it-yourself and crowdsourced advice sites, the vast majority of legal services will always be delivered by practicing lawyers to real clients. Yet, there is a disconnect in the current marketplace. Lawyers struggle to get their expertise in front of the right clients. And clients struggle to find qualified lawyers with the right knowledge. RFPattorney provides a new way of using the power of the web and social media to bridge the gap between attorney marketing and client search. On RFPattorney, individual lawyers can instantly generate a modern, professional, and free online presence, and use it to publish content (such as case studies and articles), integrate social web tools (such as LinkedIn and blogging), and showcase niche legal knowledge and experience. RFPattorney helps clients conduct a smarter search for the right lawyer based on their needs. The clean and simple interface requires only two inputs: Where do you need a lawyer? What are your legal needs? A client’s search can go even further – the individual or business can also evaluate and compare a set of lawyers.

RFPattorney has created a disruptive request for proposal (“RFP”) process, which is fully integrated with its network of attorneys. RFPattorney also helps meet the growing demand for alternatives to hourly fees. On their Presence, licensed practicing lawyers can choose to offer their own Flat-Fee Solutions (such as wills or incorporation documents). This gives a potential client more choices and the security of seeing the expertise behind those choices. RFPattorney delivers a “win-win” for both attorneys and clients.

App submitted Thu 19 Jan '12

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Review posted Fri 20 Jan '12

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