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Do you watch more movies then you can ever remember? Have you ever wanted a better way to discover movies? Do you have a penchant for obscure indies and international cinema? Then Rinema.com is just for you!

Rinema.com allows you to rate, review and generally keep track of movies you watch, want to watch. You can also organize your viewing into custom collections and lists. You can discover new movies through personalized recommendations or browsing through famous lists like Roger Ebert's, Tarantino's favourites, Oscar winners, Afi's 100 greatest movies and more. Connect with your friends or meet other film buffs with similar tastes and find out what they are watching.

Rinema.com already has a movie database of 170,000+ films and 200,000+ celebrities.

App submitted Fri 9 Aug '13

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Its like Goodreads for movies

Review posted Sat 10 Aug '13

There used to be a time when books like Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide and Moviehound were certainties to be found on the bookshelves of many homes around the world. But the last ten years or so has seen the growth ... Read more