Rita The Lizard

"Rita, the lizard” for iPad, an interactive Storybook App with more than 250 interactive elements.

From an award-winning book, now the Interactive Storybook App.
Rita is a tiny lizard who thinks she is a chameleon just like her uncle William...
* 14 amazing, beautiful and elaborate scenes with the impacting and personal style of this author that grabs you with its contagious cheerfulness.
* More than 250 interactive elements, sounds and original music.
* With a careful art direction that ensures that children and adults will have a delightful experience.
* A story about friendship and identity with funny rhymes, easy for kids to read.
* Two reading modes: Read to me or I Read and Play.
* You can touch, drag elements, rotate the screen ...
* In each scene, a secrets counter shows you what still remains to be discovered. You can discover them and win your prize!
* You can record your voice and be your own narrator.
* Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese

App submitted Tue 6 Nov '12

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