Bringing Community to Commuting

Roadify connects you to the parking and public transit situation in your neighborhood, all through your mobile phone.

  • GET a real-time list of open spots near you or GIVE a parking spot to help other people find one.

  • GET a real-time bus schedule or GIVE a report on the whereabouts of a bus so others will know when to expect it.

  • Earn StreetCARma points with every GIVE and see how Roadify proves that what goes around comes around.

  • Join a Team

Roadify Teams are a great way to unite with neighbors and local businesses to combine your GIVING power. To show off how much your Team GIVES, Roadify automatically adds a Team Tag that thanks your Team for each of your GIVES. That means that everyone that sees a spot or bus location you provided knows that it was GIVEN by your Team.

To say thanks for being a good Team GIVER, many Roadify Teams GIVE their Team members a GIVER Reward. A Reward could be anything from free pizza and coffee to discounted care service or a free local guitar lesson.

Once you’ve earned enough Team CARma for your GIVER Reward, Roadify will text you a mobile coupon. All you have to do then is show the person behind the counter at your Team Headquarters.

A few things to be sure to check out:

  • Recent Activity: see the latest Gives and Gets as they happen!

  • Top Givers: check out who’s got the best StreetCARma over the past Day, Week, or All Time.

  • Top Teams: click Community and scroll down to see the top Giving Teams and compare how your Team’s doing.

App submitted Tue 6 Jul '10

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