Roller Journal

The journal that asks you questions

Roller Journal is the journal that guides you by asking questions like: What are you looking forward to? What can you hear right now? No more staring at a blank page wondering what to journal. It takes just minutes to respond to one or more open questions that help you reflect on your day and capture your best moments. The journal is becoming known for its addictive user experience, users finding themselves drawn into answering more questions and journalling regularly. The questions and answers can also be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more creating a social journalling experience. Roller Journal is the first journalling app for iPhone to use the question and answer format - a format previously only available in some popular paper journals. Now you can enjoy the ease and fun of this format anywhere, anytime, in a beautifully detailed and designed interface. Roller Journal features: - respond to a variety of fun and interesting questions, no blank pages - share your questions and answers with friends so you can journal together - find out about your journalling habits: see when you journal most and more - organize your questions, set a reminder, set a password and back up to Dropbox. Roller Journal ($1.99) was launched on March 1, 2012 and is available for sale now at the iTunes Store ( Read more about the app at Here is a short video demo of Roller Journal You download screenshots at

App submitted Fri 2 Mar '12

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