3D home and interior design for everyone

RoomSketcher is a 3d home design software that allows you to design properties and create floor plans quickly and easily. The easy to use drag and drop application allows you to draw your property or interior room and furnish it within minutes. You can then create and print 2D or 3d floor plans of your design or render 3d images, panoramic views or even a 3D walk with and avatar. The web application has three price levels Free, VIP ($49) and Pro ($99). Free - allows you to create a 3d home design and take snapshots of the property and generate floor plans. You can also have full access to the catalogue of furnishings and fittings in RoomSketcher. Perfect for people who want to have fun and visualize their remodeling ideas. VIP - allows you to produce high quality, printable 3d floor plans, 3d images, panoramic room views and compatibility with the RoomSketcher 360 mobile app. The perfect plan to manage you own property development or interior design project. Pro - allows access to all RoomSketcher features including the 3d walk and the ready-made floor plans service where a RoomSketcher Illustrator draws your project for you. Plus branding options and extra features. Excellent for professionals who will be working on a large number of properties throughout the year. The software is easy and fun to use and compatible between plans, so you can upgrade and without having to start a new project. It is easy to share images, links and embed the images, 3d walks or panoramic views into your website. RoomSketcher is incredibly popular with real estate professionals, interior designers, property developers, contractors and enthusiasts because it is simple, fast and produces high quality designs.

App submitted Fri 21 Feb '14
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