Schoolshape Language Lab

Taking the Language Lab into the Web 2.0 era

Our Language Lab provides the best way for teachers and students to collaborate online to practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Teachers can view and control students' screens to supervise and coach, and students can build a portfolio of work demonstrating improvement in their language skills over time. Under the guidance of the teacher, students can communicate and collaborate to support each others' learning, and form small groups to practice speaking skills with each other.

Students: follow the link and sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account to access our library of practice materials. Use the 'Submit' button to send your work to your teacher for assessment.

Teachers: click the registration button from the website to sign up your school, and follow the video tutorial to see how to set work for your students.

Schoolshape vs traditional language labs: Schoolshape has everything you'd expect from the best language labs, but with the convenience of running directly in the browser, no installation or special hardware required. The collaboration features that are available in our lab leverage the power of the internet to go far beyond what is possible with a hardware-based language lab.

What do teachers say about Schoolshape?

“The kids love it and so do the parents... I'm totally convinced that this is a wonderful tool and I'm determined to make it part of our French routine at Craigclowan.” (Craigclowen School)

“BRILLIANT! Thanks for your great customer service and proactive support!” (S. Anselm's School)

“Schoolshape: the cleverest language software ever. Take a look!” (Bishop's Stortford College)

“I am so impressed with how easy you have made it for faculty to create activities for students. It is a very well designed language lab... I could go on about all the features I like with the Schoolshape system...” (Marist College, New York)

App submitted Tue 7 Jan '14

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