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SearchEnabler is first on-demand organic search marketing software platform launched from India, and we believe It is also one of the first in the world to bring enterprise class search engine optimization features to wider market.

Unique about SearchEnabler

1. Integrated solution with research – discovery tools, competitive analysis, recommendation engine, site monitoring, malware checks and reporting system.

2. Scalable infrastructure to give technology edge over all other small players

3. Continuous benchmark of search engine results and algorithm refinements to keep pace with rapidly evolving search technology

3. Most intuitive and thick client like app in browser, developed using GWT.

Feature highlights

1. Segregated competitive intelligence at business and keyword level for long lasting results( and

2. Backlink analysis for link types, anchor text, unique domains and trend

3. Management and analysis of historical data for trend identification, benchmarking and comparative analysis with competitors

4. In-depth site analysis to identify design issues and priority based optimization recommendations

5. Integration with Google Analytics to identify new growth opportunities and unified dashboard view

6. Keyword research and Rank tracking for targeted and non-targeted keywords across major search engines

SearchEnabler is built around the latest technologies in areas of distributed computing to address large scale data processing and mining.

Key technology highlights

Dynamically scalable and elastic architecture to address the ever growing customer needs.

Dealing with very large volumes of data

24×7 information retrieval and processing to ensure continuous feedback to your business

App submitted Tue 29 Mar '11
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