The only PDF creator you'll ever need!

Sendable is a convenient and easy-to-use picture-to-PDF converter that will allow you to take a photo on your Android phone and save, email, or share it immediately. There are many helpful features, such as quick search, renaming function, and image cropping. The best part about Sendable is that it is simple, quick, and effortless; a definite benefit over other alternatives. Wherever you are you can capture any image and immediately save or send it in PDF format.

Easily share your saved PDFs using several different outlets (such as Google Drive or Contentverse) and quickly access them whenever you open Sendable.

Some examples of when Sendable comes in handy:
- You have no access to an actual scanner and you need a PDF version of document
- You need a picture in PDF version and do not have access to Adobe
- You don’t want to walk all the way across the building to the scanner
- You need a quick pic of your signed document
- You need to send a PDF to yourself to immediately print a document or image
- You like quick and easy ways of saving and sharing PDF images without the hassle of using a computer

App submitted Tue 17 Jun '14

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Who needs a fast and simple scanner that you can keep in your pocket?

Review posted Fri 20 Jun '14

I'm sure most of us have been in a position where we have had to send an online document or a photo to someone in a hurry. It could be a multi-page contract, a map or an essay. It wouldn't ... Read more