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Home to indie fashion lovers, designers, shoppers, sellers and fashionistas!

Our vision, here at Sense of Fashion, is to create an online home for independent fashion designers, trendsetters, fans and shoppers. We don’t believe in an artificial separation between the different elements which compose the real live indie fashion scene, and we want to enable all these elements to come together in one place online.

We do so by offering a place where anyone who’s into indie fashion – from designers to fashionistas and from street-fashion bloggers to fashion students – can show off their creations, personal style and style picks, where you can easily sell, shop, interact, influence and be inspired.

For designers, Sense of Fashion provides an online shop with a live clientele base and access to clear and open communication with buyers, fans and other designers. For trendsetters and fashion fans we provide a stage to show off their original styles, favorite designers and shopping decisions. For shoppers, this will be the biggest gallery and shop for independent fashion, including vintage and second hand, but most importantly one-of originals and new unique designs.

Sense of Fashion answers the mutual need of indie designers and fashion fans and shoppers to reach each other: to attain access to a large selection of unique fashion items from all over the world; and to be exposed to a large variety of consumers (not only private, but also trend spotters and commercial buyers) from all over the world. Sense of Fashion is the first such comprehensive solution for this need, in a social environment.

App submitted Tue 30 Jun '09

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