Sezion Video Comment

Enrich any video
Sezion Video Comment for Android records and adds video on top of any YouTube video Android users that have always wanted to participate in a YouTube video now will be able to do so as easy as possible. Sezion video comment is a new free video app that inserts a video into any existing YouTube video. The app helps people join any video-story quickly and enables users to create collaborative video clips. The automatic editing technology on the Sezion cloud takes care of the edition and synchronization of the new video-comment. Sezion Video Comment allows you to: • Search and choose videos from YouTube onto which you can record and add another video. • See the video in which you are participating while you’re recording yourself. • Intuitively choose between front or back camera. • Easily control the volume of the main video and of the one you’re recording. • Automatically upload the new video-comment to your YouTube account. • Collaborate with your friends and even other YouTubers, create video tutorials, music video clips or make movie reviews. • Sezion’s automatic video editing technology edits and syncs videos for you.
App submitted Tue 1 Oct '13

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