Free Social Cloud Drive
ShadowDrive is a social cloud drive designed to utilize your existing network of friends to deliver & share content. Sharing files with friends is easy and secure; you choose what to share and only your friends have access to view the files. If you opt out of the sharing functionality, ShadowDrive is treated as a standard online cloud drive. The goal of ShadowDrive was to create a product that has not yet surfaced in this industry, a social cloud drive. As with any successful product, you need a solid foundation that is defined by your objectives. ShadowDrive's foundation is simple; we built our product around social media platforms and used your social networks’ rules to dictate how our product works for you. In relation to what this means to you, we are saying that integrating ShadowDrive into your life and social networks is as easy as flipping a switch.
App submitted Wed 14 Nov '12

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Store and share in the cloud with your social network

Review posted Mon 19 Nov '12  ·  17 comments

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