SharpFede Communicator

the best of both social and communication worlds

Offering the best of both social and communication worlds, SharpFede unites a beautiful and intuitive user interface with communication features like video, voice, file send, IM/chat and social features like friends, tribes(pages and groups), tagging, microblogging, search; thus greatly extending your ability to communicate and connect with others with your mobile device.

The communication and social features work seamlessly with each other to create an amazing user experience that is as gratifying as its original utilitarian function, communication. Voice, video and file send have tagging features. Micro-blog posts called “Fedes” can tag users and tribes one has joined.

Already existing contacts on you phone can be searched for and connected to seamlessly if they approve such a connection on the service. Your contacts not already on the service can be easily invited and the application can be shared via Bluetooth.

Our great search makes finding people, tribes and posts a breeze. A great IM/chat service keeps you connected to your contacts on the service should you choose to chat…and you can leave chat whenever you want simply by clicking a “Back” button.

The application only runs at your discretion, meaning that you have a choice to switch it on or off. Thus, privacy and alone-time can be safeguarded.

All in all, SharpFede Communicator offers the best of both worlds!

App submitted Thu 10 Jan '13

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Review posted Tue 15 Jan '13

When it comes right down to it, SharpaFede Communicator is a bit like having a slimmed down social network that's designed specifically for your mobile device. When I say that it's a slimmed down version please don't get me wrong. ... Read more