Fun Gifting Customized gifts on gossips and more
Let us start with some food for thought: Ever wondered why our attention span increases when we smell a juicy piece of gossip round the corner.. It works like a stimulus...shifts us to overdrive. We love ?em - gossips, bitching, cribbing, whatever you want to call it. The way we look- Life runs around weird circuits of relations, emotions, tensions, frustrations, elation's and so forth..Once in a while, breaking the circuit does wonders.. We help you break the circuit?through interesting gifts / products What you see on this site are things which are raw & uncut ideas translating into products. Products - which speak for itself; - which you relate to; - for every relation;- for everyone. We believe in making things SHORT by breaking the SHORT we do help in: ?Simplifying confusions!!
App submitted Fri 28 Dec '12
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