Sketch The Game

Create your Doodle World & Play Unique Puzzles
Sketch The Game is an interesting game drew application for iPhone and iPad users. You can drew the game to defeat the challenges that await you in 8 unique worlds. Sketch The Game allow iOS user to drew his/her platforms, arches and pathways to complete all 24 levels while achieving the best score possible and become the sketch master! Sketch The Game characterize a single player mode and a robust create mode! Build any type of game level you can visualize in create mode with tools available to you to unlock! You can build up to 5 custom levels to play at any time! Buy any of our coin packs to quickly unlock all levels or buy more items for create mode! Features -Gameplay is made from your touch! -Creative and engaging puzzles to solve in single player mode with a total of 24 levels (12 to unlock) - A create mode where you create your OWN levels with items unlocked from the store -8 different worlds with different music tracks, platforms and puzzles -Achievements to strive for to become the Sketch Master! -Free to play!
App submitted Thu 17 Apr '14

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