Introducing accuracy and reliability to weather forecasting

SkyMotion lets you know exactly when precipitation will start and end for your exact location. Plan the next 2 hours with precise knowledge of how precipitation will impact you, your family or your business.


• Accurate Minute-by-Minute Snowfall and Rainfall Schedule

• Forecasts Rain, Snow, Freezing Rain, Ice Pellets and Hail

• Hyperlocal, GPS-Enabled

• Interactive Weather Data Received in Real-Time

• Data available in Fahrenheit or Celsius

• Save & Personalize Unlimited Number of Locations as Favorites

• Available in 16,000,000 Zones Across the Contiguous UNITED STATES and CANADA SkyMotion’s defining feature is that it can read and translate over 200 weather radars in North America into a reliable by-the-minute rainfall or snowfall forecast that is unique to your location. It accurately warns you of impending precipitation up to 2 hours in advance by refreshing its data every 5 minutes. It's precise and reliable, especially when making weather-related decisions. Its currently one of the top 10 most downloaded weather apps on iTunes, in the free apps category.

App submitted Wed 27 Feb '13

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