SLAP IT UP Platinum

SLAP IT UP Platinum is an application that allows users to "slap each other up" with their smart phone.

Create your own custom "slaps" (as an individual…or, perhaps, with a group of friends, your sports team, fraternity, company, or otherwise) and share them via iPhone, SMS Text, E-mail, Facebook, and/or Twitter. "Slap It Up" with your friends standing next to you...or with your friend in the another country. Network with others and rate/share their slaps. Take on the "Challenge" mode and analyze the most elaborate of "slap" sequences. SLAP IT UP requires OS 5 or Higher. When downloading the app and launching for the first time, it is highly recommended that the user be connected to a Wi-Fi network as standard cellular network access may not be sufficient for initial SLAP CARDS download.

App submitted Tue 5 Mar '13

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