Slime and Bubbles

Slime and Bubbles is an Android platform arcade game inspired by the classic Bubble Bobble.
"Slime and Bubbles" has 150 awesome platform maps on 6 different planets and your goal is to capture enemies in bubbles and then jump into the bubbles to kill them. When you break a bubble with an enemy in it gold nuggets are released for you to collect. Gold nuggets can be used to improve 4 different skills and play with an upgraded Slime (that’s the main character, a funny-looking slime). Here’s what will captivate you in "Slime and Bubbles": - 6 worlds with 150 amazing levels. Each world is beautifully crafted, from Forestion to Circusia you fight different enemies and collect mysterious items. - Easy gameplay, you move left/right and jump to shoot bubbles at your enemies and destroy those by going into the bubble. Time runs out so you have to finish a level fast to avoid destruction by rocket. - Background soundtrack and custom sounds accompany you throughout each level - 4 skills that you can improve using the collected coins: running speed, bubble rate/speed and distance travelled. The better you are, the faster you finish a level and collect more stars. The game is available for free on Google Play:
App submitted Thu 14 Aug '14

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