SmartDiva - Home Management

Home management made easy
SmartDiva is an excellent solution that provides you the power to easily organize and maintain detailed information of everything you have, so that you can track every significant piece of information about each household item from iPhone tab with just a couple of taps. With SmartDiva App you can : -Manage all your groceries at a single place for easy access -Manage all your assets details including cost involved from your tabs -Includes all monthly utilities such as water bill, electrical bill, credit card bills etc to quickly view how much it costs to maintain everything inside and outside of your home throughout the year -Track your Income details and manage your expenses -Plan your Budget and manage your future investments -Organize your different bank accounts from one place to have a complete picture of your account transactions -Track your expenditure and keep your money under control -Generate Reports for everything you spend -enables parents to track their baby's feeding, Diapers change and sleep timings - Add/ view notes with reminders REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY YOU CONTROL YOUR HOME WITH JUST FEW TAPS…
App submitted Mon 6 Jan '14

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