Social Roots

Unite over a common heritage

Social Roots is the new knowledge-sharing social network for the global South Asian community. This is a place where you, your friends, and South Asians around the world can connect and share your thoughts and opinions about what’s going on in your local neighborhood as well as around the world. In our experience, the South Asian community has not been given an effective voice online. Consider the last time you purchased a Sari / Saree from a small boutique, or the last time you ate at a nearby South Indian restaurant. Did you have a positive or a negative experience? Did you want to voice your opinion somewhere? At Social Roots, we give you that voice. We encourage you to speak up and enable you to be heard by those businesses and fellow Indians. Social Roots is different from other review sites. It is unique in that it conveniently compiles information from those most like you, people of your heritage.

App submitted Wed 15 Sep '10

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