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Creating a unique Eco-system where every micro business will flourish.

To create a nurturing environment, where small and micro businesses can flourish through the use of our simple, efficient, safe, free, and yet first rate, business management platform.

Small business owners, new entrepreneurs, freelancers – all are faced with the same difficulty of finding affordable solutions that fit their business needs. Keeping apace in today’s full throttle market is no simple matter, and often the Resource-Rich leave those with the knowhow alone, left behind in the dust. Fighting back with subpar solutions are no help, and only create glass ceilings that limit the level of clientele you can legitimately service. The other alternative of shelling out for an expensive single vertical solution whose limited use cannot justify its investment, is equally unattractive.

Soho OS offers you the best of both worlds: affordability with first rate performance. Our business platform allows your businesses to be as successful as your corporate competitors with the help of strategic technology and custom business networking tools. We want to help Small Business Owners (SBO’s) and Micro Business Owners (MBO’s) succeed in ways where size would otherwise matter. Small production companies, yoga studios, home based service providers, and an endless number of others, are all invited to create an account with Soho – Free of charge!

With our cloud-based model, there is no limit to how many fully integrated and ready to use applications you can take advantage of with Soho OS. All applications and services are hosted in a simple and easy to navigate holistic environment. A brief (but not exhaustive) list of Soho OS services include:

  • Vendor and client management.

  • Marketing & sales management tools.

  • Product & inventory management.

  • Billing and price books.

  • Shared calendar & Email.

  • Purchase and sales orders.

  • Reports and optimization tools.

  • FAQ and support tools and more.

App submitted Wed 7 Jul '10

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