You're not a hooligan, you're a Sooligan, & we make local search cool again.

Reviews are typically about food, movies, or books. You don’t think to review the small moments that make up your day. These seemingly insignificant but frequent raves & rants, such as the long line at Starbucks, or the short wait time at the Apple Store, make brief appearances in your life yet bring out memorable reactions. Sooligan is a real-time social search platform where users can find & share thoughts or feelings regarding local experiences and moments. We capture raves & rants of locals in any city, at any time. Not only are these localized raves and rants entertaining to read, but they're useful local information for newcomers and visitors in the city. With Sooligan, anyone can travel to any part of the world, and without knowing a single person there, feel like a local.

Key Features:

1. Real-time localized RANTS and RAVES

Users eave up-to-second raves and rants about every aspect of their daily lives--- from the weather, to traffic, to classes, restaurants and local businesses, or football games. This creates an interactive snapshot of the current culture and sentiment of a city.

2. Real-time Localized Q&A

Users can post questions to receive instant answers from locals in any city.

3. Moments-based Local Deals

Users receive instant deals and ads on products or services when they are most relevant to the user. For example, a user RAVING about a cupcake will see ads about cupcake bakeries nearby.

App submitted Tue 7 May '13

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