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YOUR SMARTPHONE AS AN EMERGENCY SAFETY DEVICE SOS Stay Safe! is an innovative, discreet, personal safety app for women. It empowers women against abuse and acts of violence. Users can send SOS alerts to their friends and family on sensing danger, simply by shaking their phone. Text and email messages are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking from your exact location. The alerts are sent discreetly, without you having to even look at your device. How SOS Stay Safe! works to help women in distress SOS Stay Safe! Automatically sends an emergency message, the user’s location, device battery level, and a recorded audio clip of the situation to chosen contact(s) with just a shake of the device. The inconspicuous shake gesture allows a woman in trouble to get help effortlessly and discreetly without raising any suspicion. Users can also calibrate the intensity of the shake to suit their needs. Possible Emergency Scenarios 1. Being stalked on the way home from work 2. Being followed by a strange vehicle at night 3. Attempted physical assault or sexual violation 4. Threatening environment 5. Domestic violence Incidents of crime against women have been increasing at an alarming pace. SOS Stay Safe! is designed as a personal safety app, which would come in handy in various situations, empowering females of all ages, from all walks of life. SOS Stay Safe! can also be used in any other emergency scenarios by anyone - senior citizens, children, accident victims, etc. Key Highlights 1. A simple shake activates the SOS alerts 2. A text message and/or email is sent to your selected contact(s) with your name and a voice recording of the situation just after you shake your phone 3. Your exact location is sent in the alert 4. The battery level of your phone is sent in the alert 5. These messages are sent at regular intervals which can be set, to help identify if the user is moving SOS – Stay Safe! is the ideal SOS app for women, as it has been specially tailored to get users the help they require with minimal effort. iXtentia hopes to contribute to efforts in preventing crimes against women and make the world a safer place for them. We are committed to supporting this app, and would like your feedback to ensure we are fulfilling your needs.

App submitted Mon 30 Sep '13

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Review posted Fri 4 Oct '13

While its not exclusive a security and personal safety application that is made purely for women, SOS -Stay Safe certainly could be a life saver for many. The app lets you turn your Android smartphone into an emergency safety device ... Read more