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Spacedeck offers shared web-based whiteboards called Spaces where you can create concepts and polished designs and share them in real time with friends, colleagues, clients or in school.

All content is synchronized automatically across browsers and devices. Spacedeck emphasizes a painless integration of multimedia formats and cloud platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.

Spacedeck is available at To capture content on the go, you can download the Spacedeck mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Using Folders, you can organize Projects hierarchically and set access rights according to their needs. Spacedeck even offers full text search and has a fast and fluid user interface based on cutting-edge web technologies.

App submitted Fri 4 Apr '14

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Share your rich media and creative ideas in realtime with a top notch online whiteboard

Review posted Mon 7 Apr '14

We've talked for a few years now about the paperless office but, after the initial enthusiasm, it seems to be stalling a little. I find it hard to believe that, in order to get concepts and designs across to friends, ... Read more