Spam Proof Email Generator

Advanced email link generator with anti-spam encoder

The spam bots search the websites and create mailing list to send the spam. They take the email addresses written on your website page in text format and send you spam emails.

A spam bot is nothing but a program that crawl a website and takes the email address written there. The spam bots are not able to read the email addresses written on a image (picture format). So to fool them we have created a free service where you can just enter your email address, choose colors and font types and create a picture of your email address which spam bots will not be able to read.

Just use the quick form and create a spam proof email from this neat tool. Use the code or download the picture and use it on your website. It’s as simple as that.

This “Advanced Email Link Generator with Anti-Spam Encoder” was introduced in an article of the same title in WillMaster Possibilities ezine. For more info, please read the article. It’s linked from the WillMaster Possibilities Archives Index.

App submitted Wed 20 Feb '08
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