A new way to explore the world around you

Speakypedia is a new way to explore the world around you. It allows you to find information about the place where you are (from Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in the world) and listen an explanation like an audio guide (voices provided by Acapela Group). It's extremely simple to be used and doesn't need a complex configuration. Speakypedia recognizes almost all the readable text inside a Wikipedia page. If some text is not recognized, you can select it manually and listen to it by choosing the apposite menu. Main features: - 2 searching mode (geographic e textual); - automatic text recognition; - readable text highlight; - 2 voices (american and british). If you want a demonstration of Speakypedia features and voices quality, you can look at the movie at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nac9J3x5LcY

App submitted Sat 17 Nov '12

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