Stand Offer

Welcome to Crowd Control
A new Crowdfunding startup, Stand Offer utilizes their game-changing 'Crowd Control' technology to maximize start up exposure, minimize investor's risk, while simultaneously growing alongside partner sites. The site's focus is on creating increased funding for startups by first prioritizing investors and partners, enabling a trickle down effect of maximized returns for all parties involved. Currently in pre-beta testing, Stand Offer anticipates a mid September release for the fully featured site amid increased traction and fanfare. Stand Offer is committed to not only shake the industry with our innovative back end processes and fluid design, but also a strong expectation of continued growth and development. In the first month since it's creation, Stand Offer has experienced unprecedented growth. First appearing on August 2nd, the Stand Offer site originally featured a launch page with the logo and a bar to sign up for emails. The website as it stands today, however, includes a sleek flash-based finish. The newly launched site was released August 16th and offered a greatly enhanced preview of what their fully functional site would soon feature. Among the main menu pages include a Home, About Stand Offer, About the Stand Offer team, Contact Us, and a recently launched blog. Development of Stand Offer began in July of 2012 by Founder and President, Mason Estep, while attending Ohio University. Stand Offer received a tremendous amount of local support and guidance from a multitude of successful internet and tech executives. Estep accredits Stand Offer's rapid rise from conception to a soon to be released product to this support and his team's social media outreach.
App submitted Mon 20 Aug '12

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