Stumped - Multiplayer Trivia

Simply Brilliant

WHY PLAY TRIVIA WHEN YOU CAN PLAY TRIVIA...WITH A TWIST!? Stumped is the latest in interactive, face to face social gaming that pits up to 6 players against one another in a fast-paced, quick-thinking game of trivia…with a twist! Answering correctly, and doing so quickly, is only the first step in mastering Stumped. Strategically using Power-ups to benefit yourself or hinder your opponents adds another level of complexity. Innovative gameplay created to work with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Stumped - Multiplayer Trivia evolves the trivia genre and enhances the idea of "game night" through mobile technology. Play with your friends!!

App submitted Tue 28 Aug '12

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Play trivia with a twist

Review posted Wed 29 Aug '12

Everybody loves playing trivia, don't they? Tuesday night at the local pub or bar is always a lot of fun. Stum?ed is an interactive trivia quiz game application for iOS that's fast and requires a sharp brain. So it's perfect ... Read more