Super GoKart 2

Race down obstacle filled roads to test your skills. Use upgrades and power-ups to increase your score, compete with your friends to see who’s better, and collect the B.O.N.U.S. letters to unlock our exciting Bonus Modes!
Super Gokart is back with its simple controls and addicting gameplay. But now, it's bigger, faster, and more action packed. Race down roads filled with obstacles to see how long you can survive. Compete with your friends to see who can achieve the highest score! Features: ALL NEW KARTS Choose from one of 5 new karts, each with its own unique abilities. There's a kart that just right for you. EXCITING BONUS MODES There are 5 all new bonus modes to trigger while playing. This can range from relaxing star-filled roads to zombie-smashing demolitions modes. MORE UPGRADES Not only will you have more options for upgrades, but they are now even cheaper! EXPLOSIVE POWERS Go kart 2's all new power ups puts the power in your hands. You can now purchase powers to use whenever you want. This includes the new bomb that destroys everything on screen!
App submitted Sat 15 Dec '12

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