Help Make Support Ubiquitous

With SUPPORTbuddy you can build a private support network, making it easier to share how you are doing, check on friends and family as well as connect with people in support groups focused around health issues.

With social support listed as one of the top non-medical indicators of long-term recovery from chronic illness and disease, improving your access to support can really help.

Key Features Include:

•Easily update wellness using a color coded scale as well as monitor wellness over time

•Browse stream of wellness updates from support network

•Receive alerts and notifications via text message, email or Facebook private messaging

•Participating in discussions in health issue specific support groups

Helps with Mental and Physical Health Issues:

•Cancer, Diabetes, HIV, AIDS, Depression, Drug Addiction, Addiction, Alcoholism, Anxiety, etc…

App submitted Fri 1 Jul '11

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