Survey Anyplace

Mobile Feedback made Easy

Survey Anyplace enables anybody to create appealing surveys for tablets and smartphones. Unlike other online survey tools, Survey Anyplace is 'Made for Mobile': survey respondents swipe through the questions and tap on the answer they want to select. Applying your own branding has never been easier: upload your logo and the color scheme of the survey/quiz is automatically adapted to your branding! Marketers, trainers, event organizers, sales managers, and others increase response rates by using ‘Made for Mobile’ surveys that capture respondents’ in-the-moment experience. Survey Anyplace incorporates automatic custom branding, a range of Q&A types, ‘App-less’ QR and hyperlink access, full touch screen support, and real-time reporting. These unique capabilities allow companies to engage prospects and customers, and use their feedback to provide a better service and increase profits.

App submitted Tue 2 Oct '12

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Review posted Wed 3 Oct '12

I guess the biggest difference between this new online survey application and other recently reviewed apps like TabletView and Pinnion is that Survey Anyplace has been developed specifically for mobiles. This iOS and Android app is a simple way for ... Read more