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Tag-Check is a new approach to getting product / service / event / performance feedback to you, quickly and reliably. 

Instant feedback from all of your stakeholders: customers, colleagues, employees, networks, community; for all different aspects of your work.

How well are your meetings working?
What did people think of the presentation/article?
Do your ideas or art really impact people?

Tag-Check not only answers these questions for you (& more) it gives you an on-going real-time metric of them.

This enables you to track the impact of your improvements, or see issues arise in plenty of time to do something about them. And, best of all, it does it all in the background, silently plotting your progress.

App submitted Fri 25 Jan '13

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Find out what people really think of your product with instant feedback

Review posted Fri 25 Jan '13

I'm convinced that when people realize the benefits of using the QR code concept, this 'barcode for ideas' will take over the world. Tag-Check is yet another innovative use of the QR code that functions as immediate feedback for pretty ... Read more