TAGtivate: Follow & Share Content by Hashtags

TAGtivate is a social content discovery platform which takes advantage of hash-tags to allow users to follow and share what they're interested in! You can follow whatever hash-tags you like and have everything TAGtivated under those hash-tags will be delivered right to your feed instantly!

TAGtivate is the 2013 version of social news aggregation platforms and is here to change the way we view content online. Be more efficient, browse what you want: TAGtivate!

App submitted Fri 28 Dec '12

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Change the way you view news content online

Review posted Sun 6 Jan '13

The hashtag hasn't exactly had a fair deal up of it up till now. I regularly see posts from friends saying how much they hate them. But my argument is that they haven't been used to their full potential and ... Read more